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Tiffany’s parties are one of the most popular party themes — and one of the most popular bridal shower themes, too.

I’m really happy to share with you some of the fantastic party ideas I’ve seen lately — for your own Tiffany party or bridal shower!

Tiffany-collage 1

1. Free “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Party Printables

This free printable Tiffany Party set includes gift tags and a 5×4 inch sign which can be used as a greeting, thank-you card, or an informal invitation. There are 19 other matching items also available — including cupcake toppers, menu cards, and banner — for very little.

Tiffany Playlist
2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party Playlist
Also here on Sharing Celebrations, “PartyMusic.Rocks” is offering an authentic — and free! — musical playlist for your “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” party. The early-1960’s music is fun and welcoming, easy to listen to (or talk over at your party), and really captures the fun-and-friendly spirit of one of Holly Golightly’s parties! It even includes music from the actual parties in the movie!

silver engagement rings 2

3. 12 Solitare “Diamond” Engagement Rings

What could be better for a jewelry store inspired party but a diamond ring? These inexpensive “silver” engagement rings are the perfect party favor for a Tiffany’s themed bridal shower!

tiffany blue box 3

4. 6-inch “Tiffany” Party Favor Box with Lid, Ribbons, and Bow

Aside from the jewelry, the famous “robin’s egg blue” boxes from Tiffany’s are a cherished item in themselves. You can share these replicas with your guests, perhaps with larger party favors inside, or use one (or several) in a place setting.


5. Two-inch Tiffany-inspired Party Favor Boxes

For smaller party favors, this pack of ten boxes — the size of an engagement ring box — would be perfect! They’d look fabulous in a place setting.

sunglasses 5

6. Black Sunglasses

Sales of sunglasses must have tripled after Breakfast at Tiffany’s became a huge hit. So offer your guests some large, cool sunglasses like this inexpensive pack of 12.

party candy 6

7. Blue Party Candy

“Tiffany blue,” also known as robin’s-egg blue or forget-me-not blue, may have actually been styled to look like turquoise which was used in a dove-shaped brooch, given as gifts for bridesmaids, in Victorian times, as a wedding day memento. That said, it’s a tough color to match. Yet these blue candies look just about right for a Tiffany party!

Tiffany-Bingo-Printable-Game 1a

8. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Printable Party Bingo Game

Every party could use some games to play that go along with the party theme. This Tiffany bingo game includes 10 unique printable cards and a free calling card that you can read off the items from to see who can line up five in a row and get Bingo!

mini tiara 7

9. 12 Tiny Tiaras

Aren’t these darling? These mini tiaras would look beautiful in a place setting, party favor, or as a cupcake cake topper!

tiffany cookies 8

10. Cookies inspired by “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

These gorgeous cookies feature Holly Golightly’s trademark hat and sunglasses, a set of gifts from Tiffany’s, and the ultimate “little black dress.” They’re available for purchase from Bella Sucre.

invitations 9

11. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Invitations

These invitations look divine! They are styled like a Tiffany box, with a white satin ribbon, and their bags, with a white cord handle. A little glue, some turquoise paper, a plain white invitation, ribbon, cord, and a hole punch, and your guests will be thrilled to join you!

tiffany party table 9

12. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party Decor

This post from Quinceanera.com features lots of wonderful ideas which would work well in many party settings. But the thing I wanted to highlight here is the lovely tablescape she has. You could include silver in a variety of ways, like this silver glitter tablecloth, along with black and white drapery, like the black and white speckles on a real robin’s egg. White beaded “pearls,” Tiffany blue boxes, faux diamonds, and white satin ribbons combine to complete this glamorous look!

centerpiece 10

13. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Party Centerpiece

In this Tiffany party place setting, the hostess uses pearls, white roses, black and white wrapping paper, party-favor diamonds, and Tiffany boxes and bags set the stage for a wonderful dessert table. I especially love the mirrored display plate, an approach inspired by jewelry store displays.

balloons as backdrop 11

14. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Balloon Backdrop

Here’s another clever Tiffany party display. This backdrop with transparent and pearlescent white and turquoise blue balloons, filled with helium, and set at different heights, is just gorgeous, yet so inexpensive. To avoid the helium, you could also hang them from the ceiling at similar, or varying heights. So glamorous!


15. Tiffany Blue Party Punch

For beverages, how about this baby blue party punch? The recipe from 365ishpins.com mixes lemonade with blue Hawaiian Punch.

elegant breakfast mini pancakes on skewer 13

16. Mini Pancake Stack for a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” party

Put the breakfast in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with this idea from diyWeddingsMag.com. These small skewers include a mini stack of silver dollar pancakes. They’re topped with fresh fruit and mint, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.


17. Printable Tiffany Party Gift Bag

This Tiffany gift box printable is so easy to make for your party guests! These are so cute and the perfect size to fill up with sweet treats and trinkets for your Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers and more. Hershey’s Kisses would be one idea for candy favors.

place setting 14

18. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Party Table Setting

This place setting, featuring square paper plates in white and Tiffany blue, with plastic champagne flutes and mini martini glasses is so glamorous, yet so frugal. Love the gift boxes filled with faux diamonds!

tiffany place setting diamonds 15

19. Table Setting for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Parties

This place setting really raises the bar at this the Breakfast at Tiffany’s party. I especially love the diamond party favors, set on a raised, black-velvet covered platform — just like Tiffany’s jewelry store!

tiffany bow 16

20. How to Tie a Tiffany Bow

The simple — yet iconic — white satin bow is something you can use in all your Breakfast at Tiffany’s party decor. Try to get the ends to fall at 45 degree angles from the bows, if you can. I think it’d look lovely as a white satin napkin wrapper around robin’s egg blue napkins.

breakfast at tiffany party supplies

21. Discover “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Party & Bridal Shower Supplies Here!

I’ve made a shopping list for all these party decor items, and more, which links over to Amazon for super easy shopping.

I hope you enjoy your Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower or party! With all these tips, your guests are sure to feel you’re “deeply and importantly talented!”