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Beautiful Paper Flower Backdrops

When I was little, one of my favorite parts of the animated “Alice in Wonderland” was when Alice shrinks to a tiny size and gets to walk around in a (now, giant) flower garden. It’s lovely.

So, with the new giant-floral-backdrop party trend, you and your guests can walk through your own “garden party,” which works great for showers, anniversaries, weddings, and more.

But first, here’s two how-to’s for making your own giant floral backdrop. It’s pretty easy to make them yourself:



And below are some examples of how you can set up your own paper flower backdrop:


What a beautiful display! Since flowers come in lots of pretty colors, so they definitely help your party look: (A) pretty and (B) colorful.


OMG, so gorgeous. The Tiffany blue background really sets off these lovely colorful flowers. I bet if a bee flew in, it’d be like, “I’m totally in heaven”!

Pinterest paper flower

Wow, the vertical black and white stripes really set off this vivid floral display.


The golden petals in this pastel wedding backdrop really set off the pastels!

Little big co

I love how can blend your party’s color palette so easily using flowers. It works with basically any colors. Plus, as you can see, the gorgeous flower backdrops blend well with any party theme.


It’s not just the colors — the size, shape, and overall texture of your floral backdrop can really add a dramatic flair to your party. As you can see from this lovely monochromatic display.



Varying up different kinds of flowers and sizes is an important part of this party style, and help make the backdrops seem all the more lush, like this showstopper!




Giant flowers can also blend with other party decorations, like real flowers or, say, giant chalkboard flowers. Wow!



See what I mean? These giant flowers are added to a lovely, hand-painted giant floral backdrop.


Wedding Chicks

Combining flower styles helps make giant floral backgrounds even more lush.

I love how these particular flowers include more flowers in the center, to add pistils and/or stamens in the center of each.


Blog Lovin

OMG. #ReadyToMoveIn #HomeSweetHome

Pretty Little Showers

In conclusion, flowers at parties really dress it up so nicely and easily, too!

Buying giant flowers is even easier than making them yourself! Click the image of the grid of giant flowers, or the post-embed below to see some available and ready for purchase:

Paper flowers premade