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Best Pizza Party Ideas

Pizza parties are so deliciously popular! See how to make your pizza parties into true celebrations with these Pizza party ideas — everything from decorations to desserts.

pizza printables
To jazz up your pizza party into a special celebration, how about using these fun pizza party printables?

One way to celebrate at your pizza party is to decorate sugar cookies as… pizzas! Learn how with this easy recipe (English translation here), which uses sugar cookies, red frosting, and marzipan to make some of the “cheese” or other toppings. Use your imagination for whatever toppings you like!

pizza box printable

Let your guests take home their miniature cookie “pizza” in a miniature printable pizza box!


Every guest will be happy with making their own pizzas, with all their favorite toppings!

These Pizza Cupcakes are actually savory cupcakes.

pizza cake
This pizza cake is so easy to make — and so delicious! Bake a round cake, and cover with red frosting and candy toppings.

pizza party desserts
Check out this fantastic Pizza Party Table!

This Fruit Pizza Bar is a great idea for a pizza party dessert!

Make your own Pin the Pepperoni on the Pizza game!

Aren’t these “Tomato” Macarons delightful? Just perfect for a pizza party!