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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party Mix

The film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” has inspired countless bridal showers, girls parties, and more over the past two years — and its continuing popularity certainly shows no signs of waning.

And why not? The film itself is a delight. With serious themes underneath the frivolity and romance, it’s respectable without losing any of its fun. The storyline of struggling with accepting marriage, especially in our modern world, and whether it’s the right time or the right spouse, is perfect for a bridal shower.

Plus, the musical score is fantastic — evocative and memorable — which makes a perfect soundtrack for your party, too!

And young Audrey Hepburn’s performance is one admired by everyone — especially girls young and old.

Plus, there are all the references to Tiffany’s jewelry store, which not only reinforces the engagement party theme, it also sets the party’s gorgeous color palette — Tiffany Blue, with black -and-white accents. It is the most popular color scheme for all kinds of parties right now, and it really is a delight to see.

That said, while finding appropriate party decor isn’t too difficult, finding party treats to serve which fit the Tiffany’s color scheme can be a challenge.

So, here’s a few ideas to create your own “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Party Mix!

Tiffany party mix
For parties like this, sweet is more appropriate than savory. It fits the film, the jewelry store, and the promise of a sweet and loving marriage.

High-end confections, especially those which suggest wedding treats, are most appropriate for a Tiffany’s party, yet these choices won’t break the bank, either!


A bonus: Here at Sharing Celebrations, you can find Breakfast at Tiffany’s party printables, including those shown here.

So, with your party’s theme, decor, food, and background music in place, here’s a closer look at the perfect — and perfectly easy — recipe for a Tiffany’s Party Mix!

Did you know that Jordan almonds are traditionally served at weddings because marriage overcomes both the bitter (the almonds) and the sweet (the candy coating)? Apparently, marriage also means cracking your jaw if you try to bite too soon! In this case, we selected the white Jordan almonds to complement the black, white, and robin’s egg blue color scheme.

What’s black, white, and turquoise all over? Lindt’s coconut truffles! Plus, these Tiffany-Blue foil-wrapped confections are incredibly delicious while not being too expensive.

Turquoise became the color of Tiffany’s famous jewelry boxes, they say, because in Victorian times, turquoise was the gift-of-choice for bridesmaids. Normally, these candy melts would be (surprise) melted, but here we just add the colored, white chocolate chips to the mix. They taste wonderful and their coloring is perfect.

Holly Golightly, the star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, often wears pearls. So these pearlescent white candies are a perfect addition to our Tiffany party snack mix.

These salted caramel bonbons from Dove feature a rich filling, delicious chocolate coating, and a turquoise blue foil wrapper — perfect for our Tiffany party!

Everyone loves Oreos, and these mini versions are perfect little snacks. Plus they reflect the black-and-white colors in our palette.

More chocolate! Plus, these large-sized M&Ms won’t melt under display lighting.

Holly is a big fan of big bows. So, for these mini versions, we set aside the red ones, and added a black or white one to each serving of our Tiffany party mix.

Add your ingredients and carefully mix, and serve with a printable Tiffany cupcake topper to emphasize the theme.

Enjoy your Breakfast at Tiffany’s party!

Tiffany party mix collage