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Since I am a huge fan of Bridget Edwards’ fantastic website, Bake at 350, as well as her first book, Decorating Cookies, I was very excited to see her new book, Decorating Cookies Party. Given that my job and business all revolve around parties, I couldn’t wait to see her ideas for holding a cookie decorating party. I’ve been a cookie maker since I was very young, so I’m happy to learn some new techniques for upgrading my cookies.

Decorating Cookies Party starts off with cookie decorating tips and I learned a lot of new things from these, including making double decker cookies or cookie pops on sticks. I also am working on master the pipe and flood royal icing technique that all of the cookies in the book use. I feel like if I can master that then that will really help my cookies look more professional. In terms of cookie recipes, there is a gluten free chocolate recipes, as well as vanilla almond, pink lemonade and brown sugar and spice flavors, all of which sound amazing to me!

Decorating Cookies Party has ideas that would work well for cookie exchanges, cookie decorating parties (for kids or adults) or as hostess gifts or party favors at themed celebrations. My favorite sets of cookies were the birthday party (love the pedestal cake!), the lovely princess party and the bridal shower (stunning double decker cookies!). I’m starting practicing with some of the simpler cookies, but I’m excited to work my way up to the fancier ones and try out the flood on flood technique. I’m improving and trying to remember what the author says, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!”