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Easter Ideas Using Peeps!

I’m loving all the fun ideas of things to do with Peeps! I gathered a bunch of them together so you could have a Peeps extravaganza if you wanted to!

I have a set of free printable Peeps items, plus lots of extras!

Mmm, peanut butter — perfect nest for a Peep!

Treat toppers from Nothing But Country will turn regular Peeps into a nice gift!

Joy Ever After made this “invite into a fun printable if you want to give out an Easter card!”

Two kinds of upgraded chocolate dipped Peeps from Love from the Oven. Yum!

Gorgeous Peeps wreath, it must have been a labor of love! She has a little mishap, but makes good!

Lark Crafts shares a felt Easter Peeps Bunny Bunting craft.

Mommy Savers says, “Whether you’re giving Easter gifts to older kids who just want cash and gift cards, younger kids who’d love something snuggly, or anyone in between who likes candy, these felt marshmallow Peeps bunnies are a quick and easy Easter gift.”

I love these s’mores gift packs with the Peeps! Great way to use them.

Quick centerpiece with matching whoppers from Mom on Timeout. If you don’t like to eat Peeps, they still make a great decoration!