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Edible Pokéball Candies

My kids have always been super fans of all things Pokemon, including lately, with the popularity of Pokemon Go. So I wasn’t surprised with the soaring popularity of Pokemon themed parties!

To help celebrate, I wanted to create some kind of Pokeball treat. After some brainstorming with my family, we came up with this easy-to-make, really fun candy-combination.

To make your own easy edible pokeball candies, follow the steps in this fun animated gif!


The materials you need only include:

First, insert black gumdrops into the center of each of the gummy rings. Insert them far enough that the rings won’t slip off. I think it’s nice that the sugar coating on each matches so well.


With an edible food marker, draw black lines where the red and white meet on the gummy rings. You may have to draw the lines a few times until they are dark enough to see. Be sure to continue the lines enough around the curved outside edges, to give the illusion of a ball.

Arrange however you like, and serve to your guests. They work well on the go — Pokemon Go, that is!

And that’s it!

Although there are only three, inexpensive things needed to make your own Pokeball treats, they might be hard to find in your area, so click on the images below to buy them on Amazon:

Enjoy catching ’em all, with these fun Easy Edible Pokeball Candies!