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Here’s some amazing Halloween party ideas!

Halloween cupcakes
Witch Cupcakes

Learn how to make these amazing witch cupcakes with orange frosting and black hats!

Beautifully Detailed Halloween Cookies
These incredibly detailed Halloween sugar cookies are as much a beautiful table decoration as they are a delicious treat for your guests!


Glitter Witches Hats
This easy-to-do tutorial shows you how to make glamorously glitter-covered witches hats — in traditional orange & black, and purple ombre.


Lacey Glam Pumpkins
This simple tutorial shows you how to use lace stockings to make your own glamorously gothic pumpkins. Bonus: no carving necessary!


Pumpkin Cake-o’-Lantern
Made from two bundt cakes, this jack-o’-lantern will glam up any Halloween party.

Caramel Apple Bar
Make your caramel apple bar extra glamorous fun for your guests, by offering toppings of chopped luxury chocolates and truffles, fancy nuts (think macadamias instead of peanuts), silver dragees, sugar pearls, edible glitter, sparkling sanding sugar, and more!