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Fantastic Ideas for a Frozen Party

Disney’s Frozen phenomenon continues across the globe, with it remaining the most popular girls’ party theme since the film’s release in 2013. Since then, while reviewing parties, party decor, and party ideas — daily — since then, I’ve been taking notes and adding what I could to help make all those Frozen parties each special in their own ways.

For example, over at Printabelle, you can purchase-for-pocket-change these Frozen party food cards and download free Frozen party printables!

Here are some photos and party ideas for your own Frozen party!

A key to a stylish Frozen party is the color palette, which revolves around the light blue of Elsa’s ice princess dress. Add darker blues for contrast, as with these different candies. You can also incorporate splashes of pinks or purples from Anna’s outfits, too.

Snow and ice motifs are also a big part of Frozen party design. For example, the snowflakes on these lollipops are perfect. Often, around the winter holidays, you can find snowflake designs with blue-colored backgrounds. Those are great to include in a Frozen party, any time of the year!

Look out for specialty candies, like these blue kisses (I think from Easter?), wrapped in special colors to match your party palette of blues.

Similar to the snowflake motif, like these foam snowflakes scattered on the table, is anything with glitter and sparkle. The blue sanding sugar on these frosted cookies is a good example.

What makes an ordinary candy into a Frozen candy? You can see how having specific party printables, which tie the various treats and design elements back to the party’s theme, can be quite important and really helps to make the party extra special.

Anytime your party theme is based around a popular children’s entertainment property, like Frozen, remember that toys can be used to great effect on your design table. Often, they’re quite inexpensive. Plus, you can use them as party favors for winners of games and other activities.

Think about making basic party treats, like gelatin, into a themed party treat. I enjoy making “stained glass” Jell-O blocks, because you can use whatever colors match your party colors. Food cards help!

Another easy-to-adapt party treats are pretzels dipped in candy melts, which can be found (or dyed) into any color. Matching sprinkles can be added to make them extra decorative. Plus, they’re convenient to serve and guests can roam around while snacking.

Two tips about serving food at your party: First, any kind of “bar” set up, where guests may assemble their own foods or desserts, is not only easier for you, as the host, but also ensures that every guest can be sure to eat whatever they like. Second, if you can include assembling treats into a party activity (a la s’mores), it helps fill the time with a fun group-yet-individualized activity where everyone gets to express themselves creatively, such as “make your own snowmen.”

As for your party or dessert table, remember that jewelry trees make a handy centerpiece, may be decorated however you like, and are often inexpensive, too. Flowers — real or fake — and wreaths (of any kind) are other tried-and-true decorative items.

I hope this brief listing helps make your Frozen party extra fun!