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Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

I’ve gathered some fantastic Minecraft party ideas for you to be able to make your party extra fun! You can see some of my Minecraft printables and also my (very popular!) Minecraft food cards!


Party signs really help a party table rock. Like this backdrop that really sets the tone for the party!


Check out all our Minecraft party ideas and printables here, like these cupcake toppers below!


Our printables include these “healing” water bottle labels. I really like the plastic “diamonds” on the party table, also. Just don’t let your guests turn them into diamond swords!


I love the “dirt” brownies, with “grass” frosting, with a cupcake topper for each one!


These creeper cake “balls” are so cute! They could be made with square marshmallows, cubes of cake or brownies, or even rice crispy treats! Just skewer, dip in green candy melts, allow your green cubes to cool, and draw the faces on each with an edible marker!


Remember that the printable cupcake toppers can be used all over, including for these cheeseburger sliders! Yum!


Yep, there is a cake in Minecraft. So, when it comes to baking a cake for your Minecraft party, what could be more perfect than this?


Matching snack foods with your party theme adds an extra layer of fun to your parties. I really love how cleverly they matched foods IRL with Minecraft foods. Our printables offer a variety of tented food cards to match with different items within Minecraft.


“Golden Delicious” apples and, of course, chocolate chip cookies are not only simple treats everyone enjoys, but with these tented Minecraft  food cards, fit in perfect with a Minecraft party!


Party banners can help make even a simple party extra fun!


Cake pops are a popular party treat for many reasons, and frosting them with green candy melts, and perhaps some extra chocolate sprinkles like these, can be matched with the “slime balls” inside Minecraft.


These look great… But what are they, exactly?

Why, they’re cookies! There’s a tented food card telling us that!

(Edible printing, FTW!)


To make these “Creeper Crispies” (patents pending), add some green food coloring to the standard crisped rice cereal treats, then use a tooth pick to drip small amounts of melted chocolate or candy melts, and “draw” the faces on.


Wow! What an amazing Minecraft cake! I hope your Minecraft party is just as amazing!