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Today I’m sharing some last minute, simple Christmas ideas!

These mini “Baked Snowballs” desserts — meringue-topped ice-cream treats — offer your guests a bit of holiday magic: they stay frozen even while baking!

It’s always nice to offer a few snack mixes at any gathering, and this Christmas reindeer snack mix is perfect for the holidays!

Isn’t this Snowflake Wreath just heavenly? Affix plastic snowflakes to a styrofoam wreath-form with pins or hot glue and… that’s it! A pretty bow or sign helps make it even more festive!

These marshmallow snowmen are so cute yet so simple!

Hot cocoa is always a wonderful winter favorite, and here’s a fun way to package hot chocolate mix party favors — in a cones!

Here’s a fun craft for the kids to enjoy — popsicle stick snowflakes, covered in glitter! A fun party activity!

Here’s a snowman cheese ball that you can make yourself!

Bring an open-faced bagel to life with a cute smile.

No snow? No problem. No matter where you live, your kids can easily build their own miniature versions of candy-topped snowmen with donuts.


Whatever the holiday weather where you live, you can make snowflakes out of flour tortillas.

If you have glass bowl or jar, you can create your own miniature winter wonderland! Magic!

Enjoy your celebrations!