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Giftwrapped is a luxurious book that has many options to transform everyday gifts into something special with little cost. I have used lots of different materials to wrap gifts, including fabric, gift bags and more. Giftwrapped suggests even more ideas, like many types of wrappings, ribbons, trims and embellishments, including interesting suggestions like feathers and jewels. I also enjoyed her collection of moodboards which show ideas for striking color combinations.

Another great feature in Giftwrapped is the focus on certain styles of wrapping, each with a selection of ideas that work well with that look, including vintage, country and more. There’s also helpful information on how to wrap unusual shapes, like bottles, circular tins, plants and more. One of my favorite ideas was how to present a magazine subscription gift in a gorgeous scarf and I also learned how to properly line a box with tissue paper.

There are so many fantastic ideas, I’d probably be tempted to use too many of them at the same time, so I appreciate the author’s advice that “less is more”. My main takeaway from Giftwrapped is that an amazingly wrapped gift can add so much to a meaningful life event of a loved one and it’s definitely worth the extra effort!