I can remember going with my mother to shop for gifts for a friend. We’d look through greeting cards, statuettes (both lovely and humorous), artificial flower arrangements — and my favorite area, the “gift books” section. They were like miniature coffee table books, often focusing on the little things in life, with lovely photos or illustrations, how-to’s, short essays, and brief captions.

I was happy to see this darling book on glitter! It’s really timely, too, since glitter and related shimmery things have become so popular right now. The book is bound well, with a lovely embossed cover, and printed on rich, high quality paper. There are brief how-tos, short essays, intriguing factoids, and delightful Pinterest-y, Instagram-y text and photo images, which are fun, funny, and inspiring.

It’s given me a wealth of info on something I love but hadn’t given that much thought to. It’s a very engaging and well-made book. I hope to continue to see lots of these types of books in the future!