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Gorgeous Baby Shower from ADAL Kreation

This baby girl shower from ADAL Kreation — a leading party stylist — was so gorgeous that I just had to share it with you!

Baby shower

Shades of pink, often in an ombre pattern, and gold accents form the striking palette, which appears both vivacious and feminine.

I also love the setting, which features stunning paper flowers set on a chalkboard-finish backdrop.

Notice the care given to maintain the beautiful symmetry on the dessert table!

Baby shower66

These custom flower arrangements are so impressive and they also mirror the paper flowers on the backdrop display.

Flowers are always a winning addition to any party’s decor. This gorgeous centerpiece — seemingly carefree, yet so carefully arranged — features white, pink, and fuschia flowers, accented by tufts of greenery.

The golden place settings match the gilded square flower pots, picture frames, and printables. What lovely and luxurious dining table decor!

Baby shower 4

For an elegant dessert, these cupcakes feature gorgeous fondant toppers, with gilded (yet edible) fondant frames and bows. The way each topper is set at an angle really shows them off beautifully!

Baby shower 2

Cake pops are a treat at any party, and this ruffled version adds such an elegant touch.

If you’d like to learn how to make them yourself, check out this video tutorial for ruffled cake pops!

Baby shower

These lovely candy apples are simply stunning. Note the spot-on matching colors of the candy-melt coating. The lovely pearl necklaces and their golden pendants are the perfect touch.


This ombre ruffle cake is the center showpiece of the dessert table! The swirling ruffles and ombre shades ranging from vivid pink to white add movement to a classic and elegant white-with-flowers decorated cake.  And the narrow, pearl center of the cake is so lovely!

Such attention to detail, while carrying through a strong design vision throughout, is part of what makes ADAL Kreation a leading party stylist. Bravo!

Vendors credit:
Event stylist ADAL Kreation
Miguel Angel Pichardo Ortiz
Cake pops and more by Alex

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