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Gumball machines are a perfect party centerpiece or gift for just about any birthday celebration! Below I share several excellent ideas and tutorials:

Pink pancakes and pickles shows how to make this fun gumball machine out of a terra cotta pot!

The Yellow Chair Market makes these gumball centerpieces from candlesticks and mason jars!


Third Storyies made these awesome gumball machines, so fun!


Tammy Mitchell has a good tutorial for making homemade gumball machines!

Or you could make this one from a red party cup and circular soda bottle.


Or if you’d like to just buy them, Printabelle has some cute ones for party favors!

Here’s another fun gumball idea! Just fill a mason jar with gumballs (themed colors would be perfect!) and add a number birthday candle when the jar is partly filled and then fill the rest of the way with more gumballs!