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Floral Centerpiece

Here’s an easy and elegant way to create a lovely floral centerpiece for your next party or shower.

First, take any tiered serving dishes you may have.

While a lovely way to display different treats, in real parties, I’ve found tiered trays to be a little awkward in terms of actually serving them, because unless the tray is more or less at eye-level, guests don’t realize there are more treats available underneath the higher dish. But here, those disadvantages are turned around to some beautiful benefits.

Second, purchase a mixed floral bouquet at your grocery store or florist, with enough flowers to cover your tray.

These kinds of bouquets are often the least expensive flowers on offer. Yet the array of flowers are perfect for a tiered centerpiece!

Finally, tentatively arrange the flowers around each tier of the tray. Once you have the basics worked out, snip the stems with kitchen shears, and replace them on each tray.

Here’s the trick: While the top tier should be covered with flowers, the bottom tiers will be covered by the higher trays — so the stems are hidden, and less flowers are needed overall.

Plus, look how pretty these centerpieces are!