DIY Melon Flower Centerpiece

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Melon Flower Centerpiece

Here’s a friendly and fun centerpiece for your end-of-the-summer get-togethers!

Here is how I would To make this: I would slice half to two-thirds of a seedless watermelon into circles.

Then, use a floral cookie cutter to punch out some melon “flowers!”

Slice off the rounded bottom of the remaining watermelon to create a “bowl.” Make the bottom so it’s flat enough to sit on the table. Try not to slice too far — into the red parts — to help keep juices from leaking onto the table. If you go too far, that’s okay; just place the watermelon “bowl” onto a plate to catch any juices.

With clean hands or culinary gloves, insert pointed ends of bamboo skewers into the “bowl,” hopefully so they are stuck in the rind — to help keep them steady.

Finally, add the flowers onto the other ends of each skewer, and serve!

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