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Mickey Mouse Party by Adal Kreation

Everyone loves Mickey Mouse! This awesome Mickey Mouse party was designed by leading party stylist, Adal Kreation. It has lots of charm, and it’s epic design sense — from the backdrop to the smallest detail — combine to make this party’s style a real winner!

Mickey Mouse Party

You can see how the framed printables above not only help with staging the table, but they inform and invite guests to help themselves, and make it into a real party.

Mickey Mouse Party

Mickey Mouse’s basic graphic elements — the colors, the ears, his silhouette, the two buttons on his shorts, and his shoes or gloves — all help make this the perfect Mickey Mouse party cake! I love how they used a circular hatbox as a cake stand, what a great idea!

Mickey Mouse Party

Gumballs are a colorful go-to for almost any party, since they (1) aren’t pricey, and (2) are available in literally any color under the sun — including those sure to match your party’s color pallete. They look great in glass apothecary jars like these.

Mickey Mouse Party

These Oreo pops are just perfect! To make these yourself, you could dip Oreos into red candy melts (not too far!) and let cool. Then, into the cream filling, insert a lollipop stick and two chocolate melting wafers for the ears.  So cute — and so much easier than cake pops!

Mickey Mouse Party

Marshmallow pops are another alternative to cake pops..

To recreate these, for Mickey/Minnie or other parties, I would insert matching paper straws into a large marshmallow, deeply enough that they won’t fall off easily. Then, dip each into yellow candy melts, and sprinkle with matching sanding sugar while still wet. Let cool and serve.

Mickey Mouse Party

Vintage “Euro” suitcases come in a wide range of colors — and are really inexpensive! They work wonderfully well on any party table with a retro party theme. Mickey Mouse, whose most iconic look dates to the 1940’s, is a perfect example. Use these cardboard suitcases to raise, display, and balance your dessert table’s offerings.

You can check out the link below to find lots of fun Mickey and Minnie Mouse party supplies!




Party Stylist: ADAL Kreation
Butterfly Creations by Emelis Alvarez