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Mini Thanksgiving Desserts

Enjoy more tastes with a kid-friendly, tiny dessert buffet at your Thanksgiving!

Miniature Pumpkin Parfaits
For these miniature pumpkin parfaits, just make small servings — so cute — of a flavorful pumpkin pudding! Add chopped pecans to the bottom, top with whipped cream.

Little Apple Pies
Love these adorable apple pie cookies!

Mini Popcorn Balls
Mini popcorn balls on lollipop sticks suit the season well and are made with honey!

Pumpkin Cake PopsCake in mini form! These pumpkin cake pops are gorgeous and look best tied with a bow.

Mini Berry Pies
Make single serving berry pies to serve to your guests or for take home favors at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Tiny Turkey Dinner
Have dinner for dessert with this teeny turkey dinner sitting atop a graham cracker table!

Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats
Shortbread cookies and chocolate covered marshmallows make an adorable little pilgrim hat that you’ll be proud to serve!

Mini Caramel Apples

These tiny caramel apples are so sweet — in more ways than one!

Mini Pecan Pies
These mini pecan pies are the ideal size for this delicious dessert.

Mini Pumpkin Pie
No Thanksgiving is complete without a serving of pumpkin pie! And these mini pumpkin pies make a perfect single-serving size, while complementing and completing your amazing medley of holiday treats!

Happy Thanksgiving!