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Pokemon Party Food Ideas

It seems everyone is having a great time playing Pokemon GO this year, and that’s led to a revival in popularity in all things Pokemon — including parties!

Aside from whatever kinds of Japanese snack foods available in your area (rice crackers, anyone?), what kinds of foods could you serve at a Pokemon party?

! pokemon eating

With the help of these ideas, you can transform all your guests’ favorite party foods into a memorable menu for your Pokemon party!

Pokemon Party Food Cards

We have a set of 24 Pokemon food cards that give some great ideas on what to serve for fun themed Pokemon party foods! Below we give ideas for what you can use for each one of the food cards.

Articuno Ice Pops: As an ice-type Pokemon, Articuno and ice pops go well together. You could offer any kind of frozen confection, like Otter pops, Italian ices, or popsicles in any variety.


Bulbasaur Burgers: Alliteration helps with popular, re-named party treats! Burgers (beef and vegetarian) are among the most popular party dishes, so it’s fitting they’re aligned with one of the most popular Pokemon! Plus, burgers are quick and super-easy to make, too.

Consider setting out a “burger bar” offering a wide range of condiments, including “fancy” toppings such as: Steak, teriyaki, or hot sauces; grilled pineapple or mushrooms; and, a range of sliced or grated cheeses. That reduces your duties as hostess while the party is going on, while your guests enjoy their best burger ever — whatever their tastes may be!

Here’s a recipe for burgers to help your burgers be their juiciest.

Butterfree Popcorn: Popcorn is delicious with butter, and an easy snack to serve at parties, yet when you add non-traditional flavors to always-welcome popcorn, it’ll make your party all-the-more memorable.

Consider offering popcorn “buttered” with extra virgin olive oil (my family’s favorite) or other fats, alongside a range of serve-yourself-seasonings you think your guests will love. We’ve found these flavorings to all be simply delicious: Ground rosemary, curry powder, Herbes de Provence, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, celery salt (great with hot dogs, too), or garlic salt — add dried parsley with that for ranch-flavored popcorn.

Sweet flavorings like cinnamon with sugar, vanilla sugar, gelatin mix, or even a little (real) maple syrup are both delicious and fun.

pokemon eating 2


Chansey Eggs: Aside from her welcoming nature, Chansey’s stand-out characteristic has to be her egg in a pouch. We have literally hundreds of recipe and party-hosting cookbooks at home, yet the one I return to most often, offers an array of sixties-era snacks. Retro party snacks are not only delicious — the definition of comfort food — but are easily welcomed by any guest, and are often quick and easy to make, too. It seems like deviled eggs are the comeback party food of them all.

Ask your mother or grandmother for her favorite recipe — it’s sure to be a winner — or try this popular Food Network recipe here.

Charmander Cheetos: Crunchy Cheetos always looked like a flame to me, like the one on the end of Charmander’s tail, and “flaming hot” Cheetos take that idea even further. And if you get a Cheeto shaped like something else, well, Cheetos would like you to share it for their online “museum!”

Cubone Bones: Cubone always has his little bone/club in his hand, which he wields like a Jedi with his lightsaber. Offer “bones” to your own guests as a simple bowl of pretzels, or with an array of pretzels dipped in white chocolate candy melts — rods or sticks — to make them more boney. Watch out for twirling “bones” at your party!


Diglett Dirt Cups: Follow a recipe for pudding, whipped cream, and crumbled Oreo “dirt cups,” like this one from Kraft, to make every kids favorite fun party treat! Snip off an inch or so of the ends of the gummy worms and insert them well into the cup — rounded side up, That will bring some Digletts to each cup, popping their heads up out of the ground to check out your party!

Ditto Donuts: You never know what a Ditto will look like since they change their shape to meet any occasion. I don’t know how the tradition started, but doughnuts — served alongside hot chocolate — have been a family tradition at our gatherings for years.

For your Pokemon party, consider drizzling donut holes with some pink glaze to make them more Ditto-y, simply made with powdered sugar, a little milk, which you can turn pink with some strawberry milk mix, or a drop or two of red food coloring.

Dratini Doritos: In Japanese, Dratini’s name means “mini dragon.” So any small-ish snack would do.

My son insists that Doritos are not only the world’s most perfect food(?!) but an essential at any-and-every party, informal or otherwise. It’s simply not a party without them — or so he says. Meanwhile, my daughter firmly believes that Dratini is the absolute-best-slash-her-favorite Pokemon. So, for children like them across the land, I humbly suggest “Dratini Doritos” for your party.

pokemon eating 3

Drowzee Dogs: Drowzee doesn’t look much like a dog to me, but hot dogs are another simple/popular party favorite, so here you go. Again, consider offering several “fancy” toppings (a la Chicago dogs), for what must be the easiest-to-serve entree ever for your Pokemon party guests.


Eevee Edibles: Everyone is familiar with animal crackers, and some of them kind of look like a dog/Eevee? Right? Or is that lion one of it’s evolved types. Either way, and with or without frosting and sprinkles, both are super cute.

Gastly Grahams: If you want to serve s’mores, or simply chocolate or cinnamon-sugar covered, or even plain, graham crackers are a treat for guests of any-age.

If you want a fun party activity for kids, offer them small zip-locked bags of frosting, with a small bit of one bag’s corner snipped off, and invite them to frost their own graham crackers.

What makes these ghost-y, like Gastly? They disappear into thin air (or into little mouths) in seconds!

Jigglypuff Jello: I’ve spent time living in the South and in Utah, so I’m quite certain that gelatin desserts are a must at any/every party. For Jigglypuff, you’ll want to include gelatin for the “Jiggly-” and whipped cream or marshmallows for the “-puff!”

You won’t put your guests to sleep if you serve, for instance, Stained-Glass Jello with pink and red gelatin mixes, like watermelon and strawberry, served with a dollop of whipped cream on top! (Make extra. You’ll need it.)

Meowth Mix: You don’t always have to go all-out for every gathering. Get too fancy and it could seem like more effort than it’s worth. Here at Sharing Celebrations, the motto means that celebrating everyday, including “THE everyday” and ordinary things, is often just as memorable and fun. Bonus: You can celebrate more often when the celebrations are easier to offer!

Did you know that icon on Meowth’s forehead is a coin? The coin reminded Japanese viewers of their old saying, to “Give a cat a coin.” The proverb is similar to “casting pearls before swine.” Either way, they seem just as happy with whatever they are offered.

With that in mind, who likes Chex Mix? Everyone?!?! Who can anyone resist the Sixties-style flavor combinations of Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and a seemingly random assortment of nuts mixed with little bread-y type snacks?

Apparently, no one. And it is actually a fun snack with a variety of tasty treats in only one trip to the buffet table.

So, be practical like Meowth — and save yourself some time and money — by serving perennial favorite, good-ole Chex Mix, store-bought or home-made, at your Pokemon party. Win-win, done and done.

pokemon eating

Mew Milk: The mysterious pink Mew is one of the rarest Pokemon. And while chocolate milk is offered basically everywhere, strawberry-flavored milk is less common, yet just a delicious and refreshing (and actually good for you).

So, serving strawberry pink (whole) milk in a punch bowl, perhaps with a little strawberry ice cream mixed in for extra creaminess, makes a flavorful beverage for all ages.

Oddish Oreos: Oreos are another everyday favorite. You can dip skewered Oreos into purple-colored white chocolate (add blue food coloring to pink or red candy melts), perhaps with a green frosted flourish at the top, to offer your own Oddish Oreos!

Pidgey Pudding: Pidgey is a common Pokemon, yet surprisingly popular. Similarly, any kind of pudding would be popular with your guests.

You might want to fancy things up with a homey Banana Pudding, or a fancy British trifle.

To make a simple trifle, simply mix together layers of raspberry gelatin, vanilla and/or chocolate pudding, pieces of pound cake, and maybe some fruit like (un)frozen raspberries, sliced fresh strawberries, or sliced bananas (covered in lemon juice to prevent browning).


Pikachu Pops: Pika-pik! To make Pikachu Pops like these, you’ll need scissors, yellow bird Peeps, lollipop sticks along with black and red edible markers (check the cake-decorating area of your local Walmart or other party/big-box store). Place a yellow Peep on a lollipop stick, with the “beak” pointing toward the stick. With scissors, snip the tail down the middle to create the two ears. Then, with edible markers, draw the design as shown.

Ponyta Punch: You can serve any kind of punch for Ponyta Punch. You might want to try orange or grapefruit soda mixed with orange, raspberry, or rainbow sherbet. Like Ponyta, it’ll be gone fast!

Rattata Rolls: When I was younger and taught in the islands of the South Pacific, I would often be invited to dine with friends at their homes. Whatever the meal was, they would frequently include bread, they’d say, “Because you’re an American, and we know how much you Americans love bread!” It was a really kind gesture, but I had no idea what they were talking about!

Since then, I’ve realized that, actually, we Americans really do enjoy rolls with our meals. For whatever reasons. So, set out some fresh and delicious rolls with your buffet, alongside butter and jams, and they’ll be the one thing every person gets for their plates! And enjoys!

Snorlax Snax: Get lazy with more Chex Mix at your party! Chex now offers about eleventy-jillion flavors of Chex Mix, including lots of sweet combinations of flavors, to go with your random assortment of cereal/nut/pretzel/bread/uh, things. Get whatever is being offered in the season. Peppermint-chocolate for Christmas? Peanut-butter for autumn? Grapefruit-banana for summer? Whatever the combo, get a little sweet with your savory snacks, and you can’t miss.

Squirtle Squares: Cheez-its or Cheese Nips? The eternal question. Now they are available in a wide variety of cheeses, flavorings, spiciness and how toasted they are(!) These once truly “square” snacks are now more popular than ever. Grab a box for your next Pokemon party!

Closeup of a vegetable platter with Greek style hummus

Vulpix Veggies: An array of crudites are a “must” for any party. Alongside the traditional onion-soup-mix-plus-sour cream and/or ranch dips, you could update those dips with hummus, guacamole, queso, or your favorite cheesy-baked dip.


Zubat Zucchini: Last but not least, a sweetened bread dish, like this zucchini bread is always welcome. Serve alongside a creamy sweet spread, like a flavored whipped cream cheese spread, or a sweet compound butter, like an orange zest and honey butter. Yum!