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Pom-Poms! comes with instructions and ideas for pom poms made out of tissue paper, yarn, twine, cupcake liners, even t-shirts. The first thing my daughter said when saw it was, “How awesome to have all of these pom-pom ideas in one book!”

We all had a lot of fun trying out all the different types of pom-poms. We made a tiny necklace out of string and I really want to get some baker’s twine for making more jewelry. We also used multi-colored and single color yarns to make several sizes of pom-poms using different methods described in Pom-Poms!. We tried out the cardboard “C’, the finger method and the fork method. All of them seemed to work equally well, but I think I prefer the cardboard technique, it seems to allow me more control over the pompoms. So many fun ideas that would work great for parties!


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