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Pink & Gold Party Decorations

I have noticed over the past few years that if you want a photo to go viral on Instagram, you might want to try a pink-and-gold party!

The Pink-and-Gold color scheme works well for anything feminine, whether it’s for an adult glam cocktail party or shower, to princess parties for little girls. It’s the ultimate girl-power color combo.


I love how this balloon backdrop uses varied shades and sizes of pink balloons, tied in-between, and on top of, a “grid” of similar size and shade of balloons. Yet, it’s the golden glitter name that really takes it over the top!



Golden spray paint — along with some pink tempera paint, glue, and glitter — are all you need to transform mason jars into a fun (and pretty) centerpiece!



This pictorial how-to shows how to add some glam and glitter to clear plastic cups!



Spray glue on the bottom half of craft letters, then pat some golden glitter onto the wet surfaces, to create an alphabetical accent dipped in “gold!” A glittery bow completes the look.



This 1st birthday “Fun to be One” party balloon kit is so cute, and on-trend, with the pink and gold color scheme. The white balloon accents are a nice touch, and help set off the vivid colors.



This polka-dot garland is a fun way to create a quick-and-easy backdrop or add a bit of themed color and sparkle to your pink-and-gold party! Each circle is about 2 inches wide, and you may want to get several 10-foot strands to complete your look! You can buy them here.



Tissue paper pom-poms, paper tassel garlands, and polka-dot garlands are all available here to complete your pink-and-gold party decor!