Super Mario Party Printable Food Cards


Here’s a fun set of Super Mario Brothers party food cards! The set comes with twelve themed cards: Princess Peaches, Bowser Bites, Wario Wafers, Mario Munchies, Super Stars, Toad Truffles, Gold Coins, Waluigi Water, Koopa’s Kandies, Luigi’s Licorice, Daisy Delights, and Yoshi Eggs.

These are great for many uses, including party food, party favors, party activities and they look great on your party table, too!

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Do not change, modify, sell or redistribute.

PRINTABLE PDFs WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS OF PURCHASE! If needed sooner than 24 hours, contact me at to find out if I can get it to you sooner.