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Russian Piping Tips

I’ve been watching videos lately for these amazing Russian piping tips and I really wanted to try them. They are very fun to use! They come in a clear box that makes it easy to see all of them at once.

Here’s a few tips that I hope will be a help to you. First, make sure you have thick enough frosting. Also, my frosting got warmer as I worked, so I put the piping bag in the frig for a while and that helped. When you are ready to make the flower, you squeeze it so its sticking to cupcake, cake or cookies and then squeeze as you pull up and then gradually release to finish. Ta da, gorgeous flower in one squeeze!

To make the two color flower, my daughter and I used a sheet of plastic wrap and spread a square of white frosting on it in and then added pink frosting in a log in middle. We folded it over and then twisted the open edge and then cut off one of the edges and place it in the piping bag with a tip already in it. That made it really easy to switch colors and tips. This is so much easier than when I tried to make frosting roses in a Wilton class when I was a teenager long ago!