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We’ve kicked off this year’s football season!

Whether it’s a few friends or family, or a top-of-the-line tailgater, styling your get-together with some great printables helps make it into a real party!

Let Laura’s Little Party show you how to make a (nearly) everyday celebration into a real event!

Each of these photos shows some of these FREE football party printables that you can download for your next game!

I love how the chevron wrapping paper background sets off the football-themed printable party decor! It all looks amazing — and how great is that football crockpot?!

Cupcake toppers transform a simple, serve-yourself snack into a real treat!

Serving popcorn is a great idea for any viewing party — whether it’s the latest blockbuster film or gathering for the big game! Popcorn is delicious, everyone loves it, and it’s super inexpensive. But how best to serve it? Offering inexpensive gift bags with cupcake toppers or other decor items glue-sticked to each bag is a total all-around win!

It doesn’t take a lot of money to host a lot of party! Serve a decorated spread of pizza, popcorn, sunflower seeds, and a dessert, like cupcakes, and maybe with a hot dish, like mini hotdogs or meatballs (heated in a slow cooker with sloppy-joe or BBQ sauce) and it’s time to celebrate!

Even inexpensive water bottles, decorated with printable water bottle labels, will help everyone have a great time at the game. Win or lose, everyone’s a winner!