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If you are having a Trolls party, what about setting up a Trolls themed snack bar?

These fun party food cards are an easy way to do just that and it works well for party food, or a way to allow party guests to fill up a bag with their favorite Trolls treats to take home and enjoy!

Below are suggestions for what you can use for the food items, but I’d love to hear your suggestions, too!

Click here to download the Trolls party food printable cards set!

The set comes with all of the cards listed below, plus two Trolls party food snack bar signs.

Poppy’s Pops – Lollipops
Branch’s Branches – Pretzels
Cooper’s Cookies – Cookie Crisp
Satin & Chenille’s Hair – Cotton Candy
Guy’s Diamonds – Hershey’s Kisses
Cloud Guy’s Marshmallows – Mini Marshmallows
Mandy’s Candies – Rainbow colored candies
Moxie’s Dewdrops – Lemondrops
Biggie’s Bugs – Sour chewy worms minis
Wims – Pink Kisses
Fuzzberts – Green Kisses
King Peppy’s Puffs – Cheese Puffs
Creek’s Crackers – Rainbow Goldfish
Smidge’s Smokies – Smokehouse Almonds
DJ Suki’s Headphones – Meringues
Lady Glitter Sparkle Stars – Rainbow Star Cereal
Prince Gristle’s Gummies – Trolls Gummies
Trolls’ Rainbows – Rainbow Sour Belts


Click here to download the Trolls party food printable cards set!