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Step right up! Stage your own talent show, carnival, or vintage circus party! Let your guests mingle and enjoy food, desserts, and carnival games — just like those included here!

Host a Neighborhood Carnival!

I love when neighborhoods come together to do something great, like this neighborhood carnival! So many great ideas here, including a cake walk!

Ring Bottle Toss

Here’s a classic carnival game — the ring toss! Throw a ring around a bottle and win a prize!

To make sure there are actual winners, you can use a larger ring, like a cross-stitch hoop.

Circus Photo Props
These free, printable photo props make taking photos a lot of fun for everyone!

Knock Down the Cans

Another carnival game you can include at your circus party is a bean bag toss! Stack up cans (or oatmeal containers) and let guests take turn throwing bean bags to knock down the tower of cans.

If you like, you can give guests a ticket for each can they knocked down, and let them exchange the tickets for prizes!

Water Gun Game

Here’s a classic carnival game that is easily recreated at your own circus party! Insert a few golf tees into a floral foam block and balance ping pong balls on top of each tee.

Have guests take a few steps back (depending on their ages) and — using squirt guns — see how many balls they can shoot off their tees!

Pick a Pop Game

Here’s a fun game you can stage at your prizes table. For each ticket(s), guests get to pull out a lollipop from the display (actually just a gift-wrapped cardboard box, with holes punched into it).

Color each stick with different colored markers, and depending on what color they get, they’ll get to pick a prize from that color’s groups of prizes. Everybody wins!

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This printable circus game sign set includes ten signs for all of your party games!

Water Balloon Basketball

Step right up, folks! Win two tickets for each water balloon that you throw through the hoop! Be careful — if the balloon pops before it hits the ground, you only get one! But, if the balloon doesn’t pop at all, you win three tickets!

Duck Pond Game
With a “fishing pole” (a hook or hoop on a stick), your circus party guests can try to catch a duck — and discover the hidden number on the bottom! Then, they win a prize from that number’s group of prizes!

Guessing Game

Guess how many jelly beans are in the mason jar! Whoever guesses the amount closest to the actual number wins them all!

Ping Pong Toss

Set up an array of cups or jars, and if your guests can throw a ping pong ball into one, they win!