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Set up a Minecraft food table for your party!  It’s easy and great for party snacks or favors! Plus, it makes a really fun party decoration, too.

I started out this fun printable Minecraft food card set with just a few items. But I’ve added so  many items,  it has grown to over 45 cards, with 12 printable pages.

The Minecraft food cards are redstone, gold, TNT, diamonds, coal, cake, golden apples, bread, slime balls, cookies, carrots, raw and cooked fish, watermelon, water, cow, sticks, potato, berries, emerald, potion, lazuli, steak, stone, obsidian, lava, sand, wood, dirt, trees, trapdoor, mushroom, egg, red apples, chicken, cucumber, iron, torches, melon, pizza, pigs, Creeper juice and snowballs.

Below you can see some photos with great ideas of what foods and treats to use with the Minecraft food cards.